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लखनपुर का थानेदार और अन्य कहानियाँ

बुद्ध की प्रतीक्षा और अन्य कहानियाँ

मनुष्य है महानतम

कहानियों और लेखों का संग्रह

प्राचीन भारत की झांकियाँ

दादा के पत्र ले पोती के नाम

प्राचीन चीन की झांकियाँ

दादा के पत्र ले पोती के नाम

About Author

Anil Chandra (IAS Retd) is a short story writer whose first book of short stories “Hakim’s Commitment and Other Stories’ was an instant success. His works have been extensively translated into Hindi and are very popular.

It's fun writing stories.The desire to tell stories and listen to them is perhaps the oldest art of the world, and the best loved, " he says. " Egyptian tombs of 6,000 years ago have imaginative accounts of domestic and social life inscribed in papyri; Greek and Roman bards sang the glories of their gods and heroes in narrative form; ancient India had its fables; the Persians excelled in legends and folk tales; the Middle East gave us the lavish Arabian Night's entertainment; the Bible, the Ramayan and the Mahabharat are repositiries of every conceivable kind of story. I am continuing this tradition."

He has written over 200 short stories. Most of these have been published in his 7 book of stories

Chandra was a student of Chemistry but history always interested him. His has authored three books on history, 'Glimpses of Ancient India. Letters From Grandfather ', 'Glimpses of Ancient China. Letters From Grandfather,' and' Glimpses of China. History and Culture (1200 to 1949) Letters From Grandfather.

Chandra supports various not-for-profit charities and lives in New Delhi, India.

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Note: Also publisher of 'The Mountain Trail'
A Collection of Stories (English) and
'Why The Elephant has a Long Nose'.